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I’m glad that our paths have crossed!

Our goal here is to provide…

Christian Resources to help Empower You and Increase your Knowledge of God’s Money Laws and the Power of Tithing!

We have republished a powerful book called:

“The Path To Wealth”

by T.S. Linscott

Revealed within the pages of this book you’ll find powerful, timeless teachings regarding God’s money laws.

They are provided in a series of ‘talks’ that take place in a blacksmith shop over 100 years ago.

The discussions include important insights into monetary principles from God’s Word; which continue to reveal to us today

How to Acquire Wealth and Have Financial Success!

Find out more about this book now at:

May we inspire each other with the Word of God to prosper and do our part to spread God’s love, truth, and sharing of the gospel in every way we can.

Our blessings come from God, who is our source, and EVERYTHING is ultimately His.

We are blessed to BE A BLESSING to others!

God bless you,

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